Orthodontics is a word derived from the Greek, where orthos means straight and odontos means tooth. We can say that orthodontics is the science of straightening up the teeth.

In 1900, Dr. Edward H. Angle and a dozen colleagues came together to establish dentistry's first specialty. In the early days of orthodontics the focus was only to align the teeth within the jaw. Later, more attention was placed in the position of the upper teeth and lowerjaw in relation to each other and to the skull. They call this Dentofacial Orthopedics, which results in better-balanced faces.

Dr. Edmund Liem is a general dentist who has a keen interest in orthodontics. Dr. Edmund Liem and staff have had years of continuing education dedicated to this field of dentistry. We have been doing orthodontic treatment in our office for many years and have treated hundreds of clients.

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Our office embraces a holistic approach towards orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics; this means that that the teeth positions need to be in balance with the upper and lowerjaw, the jaws in balance with the face and skull and that the head is in proper relation with the rest of the body. This approach is also called Functional Orthodontics.

Functional orthodontics uses several types of appliances for different purposes:

Removable acrylic appliance:

Fixed alliances:

Removable wire appliances:

The purpose of most functional appliances is to create enough space for all of the teeth and to align the upper and lowerjaw. In most cases extraction (removing teeth) is not needed with this approach.

When there is enough space created for all of the teeth and the jaw relation is correct, then braces will be placed to level and align the teeth. The technology of the brackets and wires has improved dramatically over the last few years resulting in better, faster and more comfortable treatments compared to the old technology.

This approach results in very balanced, beautiful faces, healthy TM joints (these are the joints that connects the lowcrjaw to the skull) and an improvement in the body posture.